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Inter-relationship between Energy and Water

It takes large amounts of water to produce energy, and it takes energy to treat and distribute water. The demand for both are ever-increasing in a growing state like Arizona. Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Kris Mayes, Arizona Investment Council President … Continue reading

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Nuclear Energy: Pros and Cons

An excerpt from Design is the Problem, by Nathan Shedroff PROS Lower carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) released into theatmosphere in power generation. Low operating costs (relatively). Known, developed technology “ready” for market. Large power-generating capacity able to meet … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power Plants and Potassium Iodide (KI)

FEMA’s – Nuclear Power Plant Preparedness Document “The thyroid gland is vulnerable to the uptake of radioactive iodine. If a radiological release occurs at a nuclear power plant, States may decide to provide the public with a stable iodine, potassium … Continue reading

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Nuclear Energy is NOT Clean, Green, Renewable, or Sustainable

Nuclear energy is not clean, renewable, or sustainable. The public does not pay the true cost of nuclear energy because government subsidizes nuclear energy in two ways: liability and disposal of spent fuel rods. Government limits the liability of a … Continue reading

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Obama Announces First New Nuclear Loan Guarantee

Speaking from a jobs training center for energy hardware and software in Lanham, Maryland, President Obama touted the need for more investment in clean energy jobs as well as announced the first new nuclear plant loan guarantee in more than … Continue reading

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How Many Lightbulbs? – From Cambridge Ideas

In a passionate, personal analysis of the energy crisis in the UK, Cambridge University physicist, David Mackay, comes to some surprising conclusions about the way forward. The film is based on his new book Sustainable Energy without the hot air, … Continue reading

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