Clean Energy Secrets for Job Seekers

Are you looking for a career that makes a difference?

Are you thinking about starting a career in clean energy or energy efficiency?

What you know and when you know it can make the difference between a job application that ends up in the trash can and a job application that leads to a job offer.

If you are looking for a clean energy job (aka a green job), then do yourself a favor and check out the Clean Energy Secrets for Job Seekers.

The secrets you discover in this program will give you a huge competitive advantage.

This program allows you to learn first hand, straight from the experts…secrets that others don’t know.

This program is designed to cut through the clutter show you the quickest way to start a career in the clean energy industry.

We sat down with experts in clean energy and energy efficiency and asked them the questions that most job seekers want to know…need to know…to get a job in the fast growing world of clean energy and energy efficiency.

The experts we interviewed were:

  • Blake Jones – solar PV energy expert
  • Kurt Gravatt – geothermal heat pump expert
  • John Krigger – home energy efficiency expert
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