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Clean Energy to Out-Innovate the Rest of the World

Speaking from a hybrid vehicle transmission company in Indiana, the President explains how investments in a clean energy economy are the only solution to high gas prices in the long term.

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Survey: What is your biggest question about clean energy?

To help create a dialogue with you, we created a one question survey to find out what you want to know about clean energy. We will collect the questions we gather from this survey and use them in future teleseminars … Continue reading

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The Story of Broke: An Animated Look at US Federal Spending and Values

Is our government broke? Where does all the money go? Where do we want our money to go? Where we spend money is a choice. It’s time to make better choices.

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Building a Clean Energy Economy

President Obama holds a town hall discussion with workers about building a 21st century clean energy economy to win the future as he visits Gamesa Technology Corporation in Fairless Hills, PA. April 6, 2011.

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Freeing energy from the grid – Justin Hall-Tipping

What would happen if we could generate power from our windowpanes? In this moving talk, entrepreneur Justin Hall-Tipping shows the materials that could make that possible, and how questioning our notion of ‘normal’ can lead to extraordinary breakthroughs.

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Thoughts on my bicycle

This is a film made for the NYC Bicycle Film Festival ’09 Kev Corbett wrote the fabulous score to go along with it.

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China Pulls Ahead in Building a Clean-Energy Workforce

Shanghai–Thanks to dedicated university programs, fast deployment of projects and Western companies eager to help, China holds key advantages over the U.S. and Europe in delivering a generation of new professionals and workers literate in the demands of clean energy … Continue reading

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House Republicans Scrap ‘Unnecessary’ Global Warming Committee

The new soon-to-be Republican Congress is so unconcerned with global warming that their leader, Speaker-in-waiting John Boehner, has announced that they’re throwing an entire House committee dedicated to the topic out the window. The Select Committee on Global Warming, created … Continue reading

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Creative houses from reclaimed stuff – Dan Phillips

In this funny and insightful talk from TEDxHouston, builder Dan Phillips tours us through a dozen homes he’s built in Texas using recycled and reclaimed materials in wildly creative ways. Brilliant, low-tech design details will refresh your own creative drive.

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Free cartoons vs. commissioned cartoons

The cartoons on this blog are available for free – for your personal use. Contact me, if: you want a privately-commissioned cartoon (a.k.a. social object) you want to license the commercial use of one of my existing cartoons Remember: These … Continue reading

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