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Geothermal 201: How a renewable mechanical system can help commercial buildings go net-zero

An affordable, renewable, sustainable way to build net-zero office buildings. Geothermal and solar helped this commercial office building get to net-zero. This office building produces as much energy as it consumes.

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Costa Rica Beats Its Record: 100 Percent Clean Energy for 94 Straight Day

In 2007, Costa Rica pledged to go 100 percent carbon neutral by 2021. Eight years later a handful of other countries have joined this pledge, but none with the ambitious timeline that Costa Rica—a country rich in hydroelectric and geothermal … Continue reading

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How Clean Energy Works

Ever wonder how the electric grid works and how renewable energy is consumed? Watch this short informational video.

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The President Speaks at the National Clean Energy Summit

President Obama delivers remarks at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, NV. August 24, 2015.

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President Obama Announces the Clean Power Plan

In the East Room of the White House, President Obama announces the Clean Power Plan — our biggest step yet in the fight against climate change. The plan is a landmark action to protect public health, reduce energy bills for … Continue reading

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Opening The Door To Solar Power For All

For a long time, everybody thought of solar panels as something only rich people could afford. But when you think about it, the fuel — sunlight — is free. So if you can make the equipment affordable and accessible, in … Continue reading

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Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall

Published on May 1, 2015 The Tesla Powerwall offers scalable storage of sunlight. Plus Telsa has a policy of open source patents, which means many other companies can make their own version of the Powerwall. The future for sustainable energy … Continue reading

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Introducing the Altaeros BAT: The Next Generation of Wind Power

Altaeros Energies is announcing the first planned commercial demonstration of its BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) product in partnership with the Alaska Energy Authority. The Alaska project will deploy the BAT at a height of 1,000 feet above ground, a height … Continue reading

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‘What’s Possible’: The U.N. Climate Summit Opening Film

Morgan Freeman narrates an inspirational message of hope and a call for action from world leaders. What’s Possible calls on the people of the world to insist leaders get on the path of a livable climate and future for humankind. … Continue reading

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Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX

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